The cost of parenting

Post by Lee Stephenson on September 21st, 2011

I recently came across an article that talked about the cost of raising children in America. The article quoted a figure recently generated by our government of what it actually costs to raise a child in the US. Are you curious of what that number is? Well, here it is…

The calculated cost to raise a child from birth to 18 in a middle income family is…$160,140. You might be thinking that isn’t too bad. When you break it down it comes to…$8,896.66 a year… (or) $741.38 a month… (or) $171.08 a week. That’s a mere $24.24 a day- and that my friends is just over a dollar an hour.

At this point…if you are single or have no kids you might be thinking that good financial advice is to negate the kid thing. I mean…if you really want to experience great wealth. However, the opposite really is true.

As a parent I have found the cost involved is a worth while investment…because, the return I get on my money is beyond comprehension.

What I get for $1 an hour is…

1. I get a “Be a Kid Again” card…What I mean is that I get to play with toy cars, trucks, hide under covers, watch cartoons, and look at the clouds to find funny shapes.

2. I get a buddy to hang with…a hand to hold, bear hugs, someone to eat donuts with, and a friend to look at bugs with.

3. I get to be the hero…banged up knees, rescuing planes out of a tree, fixing a broken toy, removing splinters, to making all things better with a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on top.

4. I get to watch history in the making…watching the first step, hearing a first word, to driving the first car.  Life is getting lived in front of me and I get the best seat in the house.

5. I get naming rights…first, middle, and last.

6. I get to experience first hand what unconditional love looks like!

Our Parenthood series is over, but parenting still continues.  As you wrestle through the trials of raising kids…don’t miss all the fun you get to be a apart of- all for just a dollar an hour!  What a bargain.

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