Post by Lee Stephenson on September 28th, 2009

This Sunday evening we will be having our first baptism celebration! We already have a good number of people who are showing interest in getting baptized. If you would like some information about joining those who are getting baptized let us know. Call the church office or drop me an email and we will get you all the info you need. If you have some questions about baptism, maybe the info below will help. Hope to hear from you!

A quick look at Baptism

It is NOT:
1. A requirement you must meet in order to go to heaven.
2. Something which will wash away your sins.
3. An event which will make you a new person.

It IS:
1. A tradition God established for his people.
2. Something God wants you to do. It shows others three things
about you.
a. That you believe the message of the “Gospel” or the good
news of Jesus Christ: that Jesus died for your sins, was buried,
and rose again.
b. That you belong to the family of all those who have come to
believe the Gospel story of Jesus.
c. That you intend to live an obedient life to following Jesus.

Who Should NOT be Baptized:

1. Someone who thinks it will wash their sins away.
2. Someone who does not believe the truth about Jesus.
3. Someone who wants to do it because they think it will help them
go to heaven.
4. Someone who does it because their parents want them to, or
because their friends are doing it.

Who SHOULD be Baptized:

1. Anyone who has believed the truth about Jesus.
2. Anyone who understands what Baptism is and isn’t.

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